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ReiBoot is a free iOS system boot repair tool. If you are unable to use the iTunes application and if you are unable to do so from your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch in and off the recovery mode with one click, Download ReiBoot for Windows will help you, in the case of a downgrade or a jailbreak, to recover your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch out of your file in the backup. You can restore it to a working state if your iOS computer is disabled, frozen or your home button has failed to respond.

ReiBoot for windows

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The latest version of ReiBoot Windows Download

ReiBoot PC is now released as the latest version of Download ReiBoot for Windows. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP operating systems. This version is recently updated on 16th October 2020. We should thank Tenosrhare; the developer of ReiBoot Windows’ latest version for providing us such an important software. It has a free license so you can download it for completely free on your Windows PC.

ReiBoot Pro version download for Windows

ReiBoot is a powerful iOS-based program that works as a repair tool for the iDevice boot. You can enter and exit your iDevice recovery mode without using iTunes. If an iOS computer is in its retrieval mode, ReiBoot Pro Download for Windows helps you to get it out of retrieval mode by simply clicking and properly boot the iDevice. You may downgrade the iOS version without losing data if there are any problems with your current working iOS version. ReiBoot Windows Download also helps you to do that procedure. The ability to erase the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch permanently before selling it or giving it away is also an imposing feature of ReiBoot Pro download for Windows. When you reset a locked iDevice without the password and iTunes, this iDevice erasing feature is of major concern.

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How to manually install ReiBoot on Windows?

How to install ReiBoot with Windows Store?

First, open the Windows Store App on your Windows device. On the screen, or below, in the Taskbar, you will find the Windows Store. It looks like an icon with the windows logo on it in a tiny shopping bag. The second step is to find the Apps Windows Store. The search box at the top right of the page shows the Tenorshare ReiBoot in the Windows shop. Or, if you want to explore more applications, depending on popularity and featured apps, you can select Apps. The third step is to install the app from the Windows Store. You can see the name and logo, followed by a button below if you found Tenorshare ReiBoot in the windows store. If the app is a free button, or if the price is paid the button is labeled free. To start the installation, click on the button. Then when it's over, you can press Open. You can say, Update, if you have installed the app already on another computer.

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