ReiBoot - About Us

As we know both Android and iOS Operating systems have their issues in different smartphone models. Some of those issues will become vital if you don’t take an action as soon as it appears. So it’s really important to have an Android or iOS Repair tool on your PC to avoid those types of problems while using those smart devices.

ReiBoot is one of the best Recovery/Repair Software for Android & iOS running devices developed by “Tenoshare". They are the developers and respective owners of this amazing App and other iPhone models and you can use our website to reach the latest updates and versions of ReiBoot and download them on your Windows or Mac running PC for 100% free.

Tenorshare ReiBoot focuses on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms and does basic tech research. They provide users with solutions for device content management, data recovery, password recovery, system repair, and other practical elements for mobile phones and computers. Tenorshare ReiBoot's products and services are trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide.

We provide you with the easiest way to download the latest version of Tenoshare ReiBoot, which even supports the latest iOS 15. The company has launched both versions of ReiBoot Pro and free. However, this is a powerful iOS system recovery tool, compatible with all iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices. Whether or not this software is valuable to you is up to you to choose, but if you're a home tech support professional or just hate using iTunes to troubleshoot iOS issues, ReiBoot might be worth it.